Chemical sector starts its 9-month out-performance of the FTSE 100

The 2013 edition of the Almanac looks at the historic monthly performance of the FTSE 350 sectors. The following chart looks at the chemicals sector.

The chart plots the average out-performance of the FTSE 350 Chemicals sector over the FTSE 100 Index since 1999. For example, since 1999 on average the chemicals sector has out-performed the FTSE Index by 1.5 percentage points in January.


  1. The strongest month for the chemicals sector has been July; while the weakest has been September.
  2. From November, the chemicals sector has a continuous 9-month run of out-performing the general market.

The seven stocks in the FTSE 350 Chemicals sector [NMX1350] are:

Croda Intl. [CRDA] Morgan Crucible [MGCR]
Elementis [ELM] Victrex [VCT]
Filtrona [FLTR] Yule Catto [YULC]
Johnson Matthey [JMAT]
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