Company results announcement dates

Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange are required to release certain information to the public. Some of these statements are one-offs and unpredictable, such as news of takeovers or board changes, while others follow a more regular timetable. For investors, two important such announcements each year are-

  1. interim results (known as interims): usually reported about eight months into a company’s financial year, they relate to the un-audited headline figures for the first half of the company’s year.
  2. preliminary results (known as prelims): un-audited figures published prior to the full annual report at the end of the company’s financial year. (Note – although these are termed “preliminary” these are very much the real final results.)

These announcements are watched very carefully and have the potential to significantly move the share price of a company.

FTSE 100

The following chart plots the frequency distribution of the dates of the interim and preliminary announcements for FTSE 100 companies.

Frequency distribution of results announcement dates - FTSE 100FTSE 250

The following chart is similar to that above except this time the companies are in the FTSE 250 Index.

Frequency distribution of results announcement dates - FTSE 250For the FTSE 250 companies, the announcements are a little more evenly distributed throughout the year, but the main months are the same as those for the FTSE 100:

  • July/August the busiest for interims, and
  • February/March the busiest for the prelims.
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