Top Ten EconTalk Podcasts of 2015

EconTalk is an excellent series of interviews hosted by Russ Roberts. Our favourite EconTalk podcasts of 2015 are listed below.

1 Podcast icon_Planet Money Campbell Harvey on Randomness, Skill, and Investment Strategies [23 Mar 15]
2 Podcast icon_Planet Money Michael Matheson Miller on Poverty, Inc [02 Nov 15]
3 Podcast icon_Planet Money Noah Smith on Whether Economics is a Science [28 Dec 15]
4 Podcast icon_Planet Money Nathaniel Popper on Bitcoin and Digital Gold [08 Jun 15]
5 Podcast icon_Planet Money Luigi Zingales on the Costs and Benefits of the Financial Sector [02 Feb 15]
6 Podcast icon_Planet Money George Selgin on Monetary Policy and the Great Recession [14 Dec 15]
7 Podcast icon_Planet Money Mike Munger on the 500th episode [24 Dec 15]
8 Podcast icon_Planet Money Matt Ridley on Climate Change [29 Jun 15]
9 Podcast icon_Planet Money Nassim Nicholas Taleb on the Precautionary Principle and Genetically Modified Organisms [19 Jan 15]
10 Podcast icon_Planet Money Vernon Smith and James Otteson on Adam Smith [06 Apr 15]


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Top Ten Planet Money Podcasts of 2015

We’re great fans of the Planet Money podcasts. In our humble opinion the following were the best episodes in 2015.

1 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 416: Why The Price Of Coke Didn’t Change For 70 Years
2 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 621: When Luddites Attack
3 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 608: Shorters Gonna Short
4 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 606: Spreadsheets!
5 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 502: The Afterlife Of A T-Shirt
6 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 671: An Insider Trader Tells All
7 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 657: The Tale Of The Onion King
8 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 632: The Chicken Tax
9 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 500: The Humble Innovation At The Heart Of The Global Economy
10 Podcast icon_Planet Money Episode 644: How Much Does This Cow Weigh?


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Top Ten Podcasts

Apparently, podcasts are coming back into fashion. Below is a list of the UK Almanac’s ten favourite podcasts.

Podcast icon_Planet Money 1. Planet Money

The crack cocaine of podcasts – seriously addictive. Good example is their T-Shirt project where they follow the production journey of a simple T-shirt (inspird by the fantastic book The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli).
 Podcast icon_StartUp 2. Startup

An absorbingly fresh view on the process of starting a company (which also happens to be a podcast company – wonderful circularity!) A good example is the episode where the company founders look for a name for the new company – should be easy, no?
 Podcast icon_Freakonomics 3. Freakonomics

Spin-off from the famous book – economics for non-economists. Typical episode: How Can Tiny Norway Afford to Buy So Many Teslas?
 Podcast icon_More or Less 4. More or Less

Statistical fact-checking programme presented by the excellent Tim Harford
 Podcast icon_TED Radio Hour 5. TED Radio Hour

A clever idea to package several TEDTalks into one hour-long show focusing on one topic. Typical episode: Predicting The Future.
 Podcast icon_Peter Day's World of Business 6. Peter Day’s World of Business

Old-style reportage, but probably the best business programme on radio. Presented by Peter Day, whose decades of experience helps puts each topic in context.
 Podcast icon_EconTalk 7. EconTalk

A series of hour-long interviews with people ranging from small business owners to Nobel economics laureates. Typical episode: interview with Robert Solow on growth theory and the challenges of macroeconomics.
 Podcast icon_In Our Time 8. In Our Time

One of the most eclectic programmes on radio; recent pogrammes have discussed Nuclear Fusion,
The Haitian Revolution, and Euler’s number. Used to be a must-listen, but going off the boil a little now – the presenter Melvyn Bragg is as impressive as ever, the tenured university guests less so.
 Podcast icon_RadioLab 9. Radiolab

A radio programme of scientific and philosophical ideas. Typical episode: speed up learnng with a zap to the brain.
 Podcast icon_60-second Science 10. 60-second Science

Bite-sze science in just one-minute.





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