Shares that don’t like December

The 2013 edition of the Almanac lists the 21 companies that have risen nine times or more in the last ten years in the month of December – the shares that like December.

Below is a table of the the seven stocks that dislike December – each stock has fallen in at least 8 of the past 10 Decembers – with their average returns for all Decembers since 2002.

Company Avg (%)
CML Microsystems -5.04
HMV Group -7.03
Quarto Group (The) Inc -4.71
Rank Group (The) -4.42
SkyePharma -3.53
Thorntons -6.31
Wincanton -4.81

A portfolio of these seven stocks would have under-performed the FTSE All Share Index in every December since 2002 with an average under-performance of 7.4% each December.

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