Stocks with the best recent annual performance

The following table shows the seven FTSE All-Share stocks that have had the highest number of consecutive positive annual returns to end 2014. The last column gives the number of years of consecutive positive returns.

For example, Dechra Pharmaceuticals has not had a down year since 2003, and so has had 12 consecutive years of positive returns up to 2014.

Company TIDM Index Consec +ve Yrs
Dechra Pharmaceuticals DPH FTSE Mid 250 12
Compass Group CPG FTSE 100 9
Worldwide Healthcare Trust WWH FTSE Mid 250 8
Booker Group BOK FTSE Mid 250 8
Barr (A G) BAG FTSE Mid 250 7
Biotech Growth Trust (The) BIOG FTSE Small Cap 7
BTG BTG FTSE Mid 250 7

After these seven stocks, there have been 34 FTSE All-Share stocks that have had positive annual returns for the past six years.

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