FTSE 100 companies below all-time highs

The chart below shows the extent to which companies in the FTSE 100 are below their all-time highs. For example, RBS is currently 94% below its all-time.


Eight companies are currently at their all-time highs-

Associated British Foods
Babcock International Group
Melrose Industries
Travis Perkins


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World markets today and all-time highs

Chart from Miller Tabak (via CNBC’s Kelly Evans) showing world markets and how far they are off their all-time highs.

As Kelly Evans says, it’s an interesting snapshot of growth expectations reading from left (high) to right (low).

Does the UK deserve to be so high?

As of today, the figures for the US and UK markets are-

Index % off all time high Date of all-time high
DJIA 4.50% Oct-07
S&P500 7.30% Oct-07
FTSE100 15.00% Dec-99
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