Electronic & Electrical Equipment sector monthly seasonality analysis

The 2013 edition of the Almanac looks at the historic monthly performance of the FTSE 350 sectors. Here we look at the Electronic & Electrical Equipment sector.

The following chart plots the average out-performance of the FTSE 350 Electronic & Electrical Equipment sector over the FTSE 100 Index by month since 1999. For example, since 1999 on average the Electronic & Electrical Equipment sector has out-performed the FTSE 100 Index by 7.7 percentage points in January.


  1. The strongest months are January, April and November – the sector has under-performed the market only twice in the past 13 years in January.
  2. The weakest months have been February and September – the sector has out-performed the market only four times in September in the last 14 years.

The seven stocks in the FTSE 350 Electronic & Electrical Equipment sector [NMX2730] are-

Dialight [DIA] Oxford Instruments  [OXIG]
Domino Printing Services [DNO] Renishaw [RSW]
Halma [HLMA] Spectris [SXS]
Morgan Crucible Company (The) [MGCR]
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