2013 market review – comparative performance of UK equity indices

The following chart shows the performance of the main UK stock market indices in 2013.

UK markets annual returns 2013As can be seen, the FTSE 100 Index had the lowest returns of the indices. The strongest performance was from small and mid cap indices.

The data for the above chart is shown in the following table.

Index 2013 Rtn(%)
FTSE Fledgling 35.8
FTSE TechMARK All Share 31.9
FTSE SmallCap 29.6
FTSE 250 28.8
FTSE AIM 100 22.6
FTSE All-Share – Total Return 20.8
FTSE AIM All-Share 20.3
FTSE 100 Index – Total Return 18.7
FTSE4Good UK 18.4
FTSE UK Dividend Plus 18.3
FTSE All-Share 16.7
FTSE 350 16.4
FTSE4Good UK 50 15.9
FTSE 100 14.4




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Performance of UK markets in 1H 2013 – a good six months for small and mid-caps

The following chart shows the performance of the main UK stock market indices in the first six months of 2013.

Data for the above chart-

Name TIDM Change 1H 2013(%)
FTSE Fledgling 13.9
FTSE TechMARK All Share 13.3
FTSE Small Cap 11.6
FTSE 250 11.5
FTSE All Share – Total Return 8.5
FTSE UK Dividend Plus 8.4
FTSE4Good UK 7.3
FTSE All-Share 6.3
FTSE 350 6.2
FTSE 100 5.4
FTSE AIM 100 -0.1
FTSE AIM All-Share -2.2



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Sector performance in first two months of 2013

The following chart shows the performance of the FTSE 350 sectors in the first two months of 2013.

Performamce of FTSE 350 sectors in first two months of 2013

19 sectors increased by over 10% in the period. The only sector that did not rise in the two-month period was Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution.

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The Bounceback Portfolio for 2013

The 2013 edition of the Almanac explained the Bounceback Strategy, whereby a portfolio of the 10 worst performing stocks in the FTSE 350 in one year is held for the first three months of the following year.

A portfolio of such stocks has out-performed the FTSE 350 Index in every year since 2002.

The following table lists the 10 worst performing FTSE 350 stocks in 2012 (i.e. these comprise the Bounceback Portfolio for 2013).

Company Performance in 2012 (%)
Bumi -68.8
Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation -55.3
Centamin -52.4
Lonmin -45.5
Chemring Group -42.6
Petropavlovsk -41.3
FirstGroup -38.1
Man Group -34.2
Kenmare Resources -32.4
Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment -32.2


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