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The Almanac includes a host of unique data, statistics and analysis for each day of the year. Alongside this are a collection of articles covering a vast range of seasonality topics.

A full list of the 52 articles included in the Diary section of the Almanac 2017
January market
Correlation of UK Markets
The January Effect
The FTSE 100/250 Monthly Switching Strategy
Monthly Seasonality of Shares
February market
Super Bowl Indicator
World’s Simplest Trading System
FTSE 100 Ratio of Up/Down Days
March Market
The Low-High Price Portfolio
FTSE 100 Reviews – Companies Joining the Index
Turn of the Month Strategy
April Market
Holidays and the Market
Day of the Week Strategy
Market Returns in Odd and Even Weeks
May Market
Sell in May
The Dividend Payment Calendar
The FTSE 100/S&P 500 Monthly Switching Strategy
June Market
Do European Stocks Follow the US Day-by-Day?
FOMC Cycle
Sell in May and Come Back… When?
July Market
Quarterly Sector Strategy
Hedged Quarterly Sector Strategy
Monthly Seasonality of the FTSE 100
Fed Rate Cycle and the UK Equity Market
August Market
Lunar Calendar and the Stock Market
Seasonality of GBPUSD
Solar Eclipse
September Market
The Psychology of Drawdowns
FOMC Announcements
Sell Rosh Hashanah, Buy Yom Kippur
UK Bank Rate Since 1694
October Market
Sell in May Sector Strategy (SIMSS)
FTSE 100 Reviews – Companies Leaving the Index
Construction Sector 4M Strategy
November Market
Monthly Share Momentum
Quarterly Sector Momentum Strategy
Trading Around Christmas and New Year
December Market
Santa Rally
Santa Rally Portfolio
Bounceback Portfolio
Do the First Five Days Predict the Full Year?

Additional articles included in the Statistics and Reference sections

Days of the Week
Very Large One-Day Market Falls
Intra-Day Volatility
Comparative Performance of FTSE 100 & FTSE 250
FTSE 100 Month-End Values
Monthly Performance of the FTSE 100
FTSE 250 Month-End Values
Monthly Performance of the FTSE 250
Monthly Seasonality Worldwide
Turn of the Month
First Trading Days of the Month
Last Trading Days of the Month
FTSE 100 Quarterly Reviews
FTSE Index Reviews – Academic Research
Comparative Performance of UK Indices
FTSE All-Share Annual Returns
Market Momentum (Up) Analysis
Market Momentum (Down) Analysis
Company Profile of the FTSE 100
Index Profiles – Share Prices
Index Profiles – Company Financials
Diversification with ETFs
An Average Year
An Average Month
Price History Profile of the FTSE All-Share

Sector Quarterly Performance
Sector Annual Performance
Sector Profiles of the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250

Company Rankings
Ten Baggers
Announcement Dates of Company Results

Correlation between UK and US Markets
Correlation between UK and World Markets
The Long-Term Formula
The Market’s Decennial Cycle
Buy and Hold
Ultimate Death Cross
Politics and financial markets

UK Interest Rate Cycle
UK Bank Rate Changes

Sinclair Nos – Day, Week & Month Market Behaviour
Market Behaviour – by Day
Market Behaviour – by Week
Market Behaviour – by Month

Stock Indices
Stock Indices – International
Daily Timetable of the UK Trading Day
FTSE 100 – 1984
FT 30 Index 1935 – Where are They Now?
Company Old Names

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