New edition of the Almanac just published

Almanac 2016 cover

The new edition of the Almanac, The UK Stock Market Almanac 2016, has just been released.

The 2016 edition is packed with new research. New strategies and studies appearing in the Almanac for the first time include-

New research

  • Nonfarm payrolls – what impact does the nonfarm payroll report have on equities in the days around the announcement?
  • MSCI Index reviews – how do share prices behave when a company is added to the MSCI United Kingdom Index?
  • Flotations – what is the performance of recently floated companies?
  • Equally weighted indices – which index should you be tracking?
  • Day of the month – what is the historic behavior of the market on each of the days in a month?
  • Monthly seasonality of oil – which months have been historically strong or weak for the oil price?
  • Monthly seasonality of silver – which months have been historically strong or weak for the silver price?
  • Olympic Games – how do the stock markets of Olympic host nations perform in the year of the Games?
  •  Very large one-day market falls – how do equity prices react in the days following a large fall?

US Presidential Election

Possibly the most significant known event for 2016 will be the Presidential Election in the US. To mark this the Almanac includes–

  • Stock market in election years – charts displaying the performance of the FTSE All-Share Index in the 14 presidential election years since 1960.
  • Stock market around elections – analysis of the behaviour of share prices in the days around presidential elections.
  • Presidential election cycle – analysis of the effect of the 4-year presidential cycles on UK stock prices.
  • Presidential election portfolios – should investors want a democrat or republican in the White House?

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