Market fall 8-12 December 2014

Last week the FTSE 100 Index fell 442 points (-6.6%), losing £121bn in market capitalisation. It was the largest weekly fall since August 2011, and the 14th largest weekly fall ever for the FTSE 100 Index (created in 1984).

The following chart shows the 10 FTSE 100 stocks that fell the most last week.

FTSE 100 fall 8-12 Dec 2014 [by price]

Petrofac shares were down 12.9% last week, the largest faller, followed by Tesco (-12.6%).

The following chart shows the 10 stocks that saw the greatest absolute falls in market capitalisation – i.e. these were the stock that had the greatest impact on the FTSE 100 Index. The chart shows the proportion of the 442 point fall in the FTSE 100 Index that was attributable to each stock. For example, 10.3% (46 points) of the FTSE’s fall last week was due to the fall of the share price of Shell.

FTSE 100 fall 8-12 Dec 2014 [by mkt cap]

The above 10 companies accounted for 47% of the FTSE 100 fall.

The following table shows the three sectors that were most responsible for the FTSE 100 fall last week.

Sector MktCap lost (£m)
Oil & Gas 22,820
Banks 17,227
Mining 12,029


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