General Election 2015 and the stock market

the-uk-stock-market-almanac-20152015 is the year of the general election in the UK.

How will the stock market behave during the year?

The newly published UK Stock Market Almanac looks at the history of general elections in the UK and finds the trends that could recur in 2015.

In detail, the Almanac looks at:

  • Stock market in election years – charts displaying the performance of the FTSE All-Share Index in the 15 General Election years since 1951.
  • Stock market around elections – analysis of the behaviour of share prices in the days around a general election.
  • Politics and financial markets – a chart showing the correlation of equity prices, interest rates, GBPUSD currency rate, gold price and the political party of government since 1944.

And, still on a political theme, the 2015 Almanac also looks at–

  • Budget Day – how do equities, currencies and gilts behave on the days around the Chancellor’s Budget Day?

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