2014 1Q market review – international markets

Equity and commodity markets

The following chart shows the returns on a range of international stock markets and commodities in the first quarter of 2014.

International market returns 2014 1QNotes

  1. Italy!
  2. FTSE 100 was the second weakest equity market in the G7
  3. Apart from India, the BRIC’s 2013 weakness continued into the first quarter.

Currency markets

The following chart shows a sample of currency moves against the British pound in 2014 1Q. For example, the British pound strengthened 7.9% against the Russian Ruble, and fell 4.6% against the New Zealand Dollar.

Pound sterling performance 2014 1QEquity and commodity markets (sterling)

The following chart shows the returns on the same markets as in the first chart, but this time in sterling terms (i.e. showing the currency-adjusted returns for a UK investor). The order of the markets has been kept the same as in the first chart.

International market returns 2014 1Q (GBP)Notes

  1. As GBP strengthened a small amount against USD and EUR in the period this had the effect of reducing (marginally) the gains in US and Euro denominated markets in sterling terms.
  2. Sterling-adjusted, the Indian equity market jumped over gold to be the second strongest market in the period.
  3. Although the Brazil equity market fell in the period, sterling investors would have seen a gain due to the weakness of GBP against BRL.

(Similar analysis for 2012, 1H 2013, 2013.)


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