History of companies joining and leaving the FTSE 100 Index since 1984

To keep the FTSE 100 Index up to date and in accordance with its purpose, the constituents of the index are periodically reviewed. For example, companies can fall out of the index when their market capitalisation falls below a certain level, and they will be replaced by companies with a higher market cap. Changes can also be made as a result of M&A activity. Very roughly, following each review on average two companies leave the index and are replaced by two new ones.

The reviews take place in March, June, September and December. The reviews are implemented at the close of the third Friday of the month and take effect the following Monday. The review decisions are announced 12 business days before the implementation date. (Note: the date of announcements was changed from March 2014.)

The following table lists the entry and exit dates for each company that has joined or left the FTSE 100 Index since 1984. For example, if you want to know what years Jaguar was in the FTSE 100, this is where to look.

Note: Company names do change over time and therefore companies may appear more than once in the table. But care has been taken to minimise this as much as possible.


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