The UK market in February

The performance of the market in this month has improved in recent years. Five years ago it ranked 9th of all months, whereas today it is 4th.

The market has risen in February in 57% of all years, with an average return of 0.9%.

The following chart plots the average performance of the FTSE 100 Index during February since 1984 (more info on this type of chart).

With January, February is the best month for mid-cap stocks relative to the large caps. On average the FTSE 250 Index outperforms the FTSE 100 Index by 1.3 percentage points in this month.

This month is one of the four months in the year that the FTSE 100 Index has historically out-performed the S&P 500 Index, on average by 0.6 percentage points in February.

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