Automobiles & Parts sector monthly seasonality analysis

The 2013 edition of the Almanac looks at the historic monthly performance of the FTSE 350 sectors. Here we look at the Automobiles & Parts sector.

The following chart plots the average out-performance of the FTSE 350 Automobiles & Parts sector over the FTSE 100 Index by month since 1999. For example, since 1999 on average the Automobiles & Parts sector has out-performed the FTSE 100 Index by 2.8 percentage points in January.

NB. This sector has only one constituent (GKN).


  1. The strongest months of the year relative to the market for the sector have been January and February, the sector has only under-performed the market in three years since 1999 in this January.
  2. The sector has been relatively weak in September and October, the the sector has only out-performed the market in five years since 1999 in September.

The one stock in the FTSE 350 Automobiles & Parts sector [NMX3350] is-

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Strong/weak sectors in September

Strong sectors

The following table lists the sectors that have historically been strong in September.

Sector TIDM
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Food & Drug Retailers
Mobile Telecommunications

Weak sectors

And the following table lists the sectors that have been weak in this month.

Sector TIDM
Industrial Engineering
Aerospace & Defense
General Retailers
Electronic & Electrical Equipment
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Technology Hardware & Equipment
Industrial Metals
Automobiles & Parts


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FTSE 350 sector performance in first half 2013

The following chart shows the performance of the FTSE 350 sectors in the first six months of 2013.

The data for the above chart are given in the following table.

FTSE 350 Sector TIDM Chng 1H 2013 (%)
Automobiles & Parts 31.7
Fixed Line Telecommunications 30.1
Household Goods 26.0
Real Estate Investment & Services 25.1
Aerospace & Defense 23.2
Forestry & Paper 22.2
Mobile Telecommunications 21.4
Travel & Leisure 18.2
Financial Services 18.0
General Retailers 17.2
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology 16.8
Software & Computer Services 16.4
Media 14.0
Industrial Transportation 13.5
Support Services 12.4
Food Producers 12.0
Life Insurance 11.9
Industrial Engineering 11.0
General Industrials 10.8
Personal Goods 9.2
Nonlife Insurance 8.1
Beverages 7.8
Electricity 7.3
Health Care Equipment & Services 7.0
Equity Investment Instruments 7.0
Gas, Water & Multiutilities 6.2
FTSE 100 5.4
Construction & Materials 5.3
Banks 5.2
Tobacco 4.6
Real Estate Investment Trusts 4.3
Technology Hardware & Equipment 3.7
Chemicals 3.5
Food & Drug Retailers 2.5
Oil & Gas Producers 2.0
Electronic & Electrical Equipment -3.8
Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution -7.9
Mining -26.5
Industrial Metals -58.4




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Performance of UK sectors in 2012

The following chart shows the performance of the FTSE 350 stock sectors in 2012.

29 of the 38 sectors out-performed the FTSE 100 Index, with 26 sectors increasing over 10% in the year.

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